I am dumb with Audacity

Ok, so my podcast is now 10 episodes deep, but I have decided I want some theme music but I am pretty dumb at working out how to do this, when I used to do podcasts back in the day I used my iPad and an app etc for it all, now i do it on the laptop via Audacity.

I have a royalty free song that I LOVE on my Apple Music, how do I get that into Audacity before I start talking on episode? I know this sounds really dumb but any help would genuinely be appreciated, Google and Youtube have only confused me further.

There’s a tutorial in the Audacity manual about Mixing a Narration With Background Music.

That creaking sound is the can of worms opening up.

Some of the better podcasts match the background music to the narration including start and stop points. That’s not easy. You can’t easily change the music, so you might want to add a word or two to make it come out even. But re-recording narration can sound funny.

It gives people something to hate. “I really liked your podcast, but the music sucked.”

Make sure the background music stays in the background. That’s a skillset. If your listeners can tell you what the background music was at the end of the podcast, you mixed it wrong. There was a problem at a local restaurant where they got it wrong.

“What? I can’t hear you over the background music!!”

Don’t do that thing where you make the music go up and down in time with your voice. That’s called pumping and it’s really annoying. Maybe you can do it once at the end, but then the two ends have to match.

Good luck.

Where is your podcast? Promotion and publicity on the forum is frowned on…unless a forum elf asks you.