I am a new user to Udemy and Audacity

Hello, I am new to audacity (signed up for a course through Udemy) and when I downloaded the audacity software and the software came up, I see that many icons are “grayed out” on the page (ex. the play button, stop, skip, and more). I was following along with my course then decided to delete the file and redownload again but it is still showing most icons grayed out. If there is someone who has knowledge on what to do, let me know. I use Windows for the download.

Frequently these buttons get grayed out if you have no audio. You could “Generate” a “Tone”, for exampel.

I had a difficult time trying to find this forum. In regards to your response, can you elaborate on what that means on Generating a Tone? Also, how do I get back to this forum via an android cell phone? Thank you.

Generating silence will do, to make the icons go black …
generate silence

Thank you for that clip, that was very helpful. I am brand new so all this is foreign to me but I am going to binge watch tons of YouTube videos so I can learn the lingo and eventually use audacity for recording voice overs. Again, thank you.

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