I am a new member of the forum, I need help from everyone

For professional work, there is no substitute for a quiet and substantially echo free space for recording. There’s good reason why professionals still use recording studios.

For amateur work, you may be able to achieve good enough results using a directional external microphone rather than the smartphone’s built-in microphone, and/or applying lots of small edits to cut out the worst bits. Filtering and other noise removal effects are likely to fail because car horns produce a lot of harmonics across the vocal frequency range, so such approaches will cause a lot of damage to the sound quality of the voice.

how about removing beeps?

The short answer is no. Noise reduction doesn’t work with sounds that are moving or changing. It’s the same reason we can’t remove a TV running in the background.

Given you can’t change the microphone, you may be able to create a “studio.”

One poster had a similar problem and created a sound room with cheap plastic pipes and blankets.

I use furniture moving blankets and a wood frame.

One poster did audiobook work inside a closet with a personal recorder and a quilt.