HRTLinestreamer+ : how to set sample rate

Hi, I just purchased and received one of these USB A/D converters, connected it to my Windows 7 PRO 64 bit laptop, running Audacity 2.1.1. It has small leds on it to indicate sample rate and/or mute, currently displaying 96K. I can record from it, with Audacity set to 44.1K, but I can’t figure out how to change the LineStreamer’s sample rate. Anybody know how to do that? I want to use 44.1K sample rate on the Linestreamer, or 88.2 so it is a simple conversion to 44.1 WAV files.

I can’t locate any related info on the HRT support site…



This Item is no longer available

You have an orphan product. I can’t find any more information than you did. So that’s full stop.

I recommend the Behringer UCA-202 for straight stereo line-level conversions, or the UFO-202 if you have a stand-alone analog turntable.



Thanks. I got a response from HRT, and while I don’t know and they didn’t say whether the LineStreamer + is discontinued, they told me how to set the sampling rate if the application, in this case Audacity, doesn’t directly do that. Basically, in Windows (7), once the device is connected to the computer, right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar, then ‘recording devices’, ‘properties’, then on the ‘advanced’ tab set the default sampling rate.

See the attached document they sent. I had to export the .pdf to a .txt file since this forum does not allow .pdf uploads. Should be readable.

LineStreamer + seems to work fine, so far.


LineStreamer +Windows quick setup guide for Vista 7 8.txt (5.07 KB)

Thanks for the information. In other words there are no controls on the LineStreamer nor does it have a software control panel.

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Slight shift in topic re: the HRT Linestreamer +:

  • Has anyone here used it with Windows 10? Any compatibility issues? I’m considering buying the HRT to transfer/digitize cassettes and vinyl to my computer, and would then use Audacity for editing, but since the Linestreamer + seems to be discontinued, I’m not clear about whether or not the tech would be compatible.
    (note: I’m using Audacity 2.12)

When running Audacity on Windows 10, it is essential that the audio device drivers are 100% fully compatible with Windows 10.
As Linestreamer+ is obsolete, my guess is that Win 10 is not fully supported. You could try asking HRT support:

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