How would i make a classic rock sound

Hi im doing this project with a couple of friends and we want a wolf mother sound to it if you could tell me how to get that sound off a completely clean track that would be great

im recording with a lightsnake pluged straight into a guitar no preamp nothing

im on an hp pc so if you would use pc termonology that would be great



The short answer - you can’t.

You will not get an authentic heavy guitar sound without going through some sort of amp, though an amp modeler such as the Line 6 Pod will do a pretty decent approximation.

What are you doing for drums? Most modern drum machines will have “rock drums”, but if you are using a real kit, you will need to close mic it and use dynamic processing to beef up the sound.

Bands would not spend thousands of pounds on instruments, microphones, amplifiers and effects if they could do it all in Audacity.

well than should i plug it into my drive amp and mic it or use the lightsnake


by the way ill prolly do real drums

My preferred method is to mic up the amp, though there’s no harm in trying other methods and seeing which gives the best results.

Note that if you mic up the amp, the microphone position will make quite a lot of difference. Having the microphone close to the speaker will generally give you more bottom end (using a cardioid/directional microphone) - placing the microphone off axis, toward the rim of the speaker may pick up more overtones. If your amp is an open back design you can experiment positioning the microphone at the back of the cab.

A common mistake is to overdrive guitar amps too much, resulting in a waspy sound with no real definition. The most powerful guitar sound is not the same as the most distorted.

Please try to avoid multiple posting - it makes things confusing.

Why are you getting feedback when you record from the microphone? Do you have your computer speakers turned on? If so, turn them off, turn them down, or use headphones.