How transfer Garageband to Audacity and back?

Hi All - First time post. I record a weekly podcast in Audacity and need to be able to adjust length through tempo. Problem: I can’t seem to get the GB recording into Audacity w/o it stuttering, stopping and starting and sounding horrible. Please don’t suggest that I just switch over to Audacity for the recordings; tech is neither easy nor intuitive for me and it’s taken years to learn GB well enough to use it properly. But for my show, I need to make the length exactly one hour, which is a challenge without the tempo tool. So - import from GB to Audacity, then export Audacity to either GB or iTunes. Anybody got any suggestions? And do I get notice if someone posts? Ahhh, tech…

Does the GarageBand recording play correctly in Garage Band or iTunes?

If yes, where is the playback problem, just in Audacity before you export from it? Or in the exported file even if you play it in iTunes?

If it’s just a playback issue in Audacity, try Audacity > Preferences: Recording and adjust “Audio to buffer” (experiment with the slider in either direction).

If there is white space before some of the audio tracks start, drag select a little piece of the space starting from zero, then Tracks > Mix and Render.

If that doesn’t help, what version of Audacity and OS X? See the pink panel above.

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