How toEqual Voice Amplitude

How to you make your voice amplitude levels equal, with out any amplitude being higher or lower, just equal in volume? :confused:

Equal to what?
Are you asking how to make two (or more) voice recordings that were recorded at different levels play at the same volume? If so, just use “Effects > Amplify”, or use the volume slider on the left hand side of the track to adjust the levels of each track.

You can also use the “Normalize” effect on each track individually. Select one performance, normalize, select the second performance, normalize, etc. This tool will push up or down as needed. This process isn’t perfect–you can’t do it once to the whole show–but if you have large variations between your individual performances, this will help a lot.

There is no way to apply one effect to the whole show and get automatic volume leveling without a lot of other problems. But if you’re game, that filter is called “Compressor.” This tool actually affects the character, sound and quality of a show in addition to the volume, and you can’t stop it. This tool also has a lot of clickies and a learning curve.