How to view all tracks at once

Windows 7, 64 bit. Audacity 2.3.2.

I cannot view all my tracks at once. I have 17 tracks, all resized down to where I can’t see balance or volume indicators in left column. Clicking Collapse all tracks only gets me viewing 14 tracks. Nothing I’ve tried in View/Zoom or View/Track size works.

Any help?

Thanks in advance,

View > Track Size > Fit To Height?

I see that there is mention that Audacity pays attention to pixel count. If your display will turn out very tightly packed garbage, Audacity may very well refuse to do it.

There’s 16 tracks.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 15.16.28.png


Interesting idea, but there’s nothing particularly complex about my clips, as they all hover around the zero point. I think you got a few more tracks in because they’re mono, as opposed to my stereo ones.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Collapsing the tracks shrinks them to their minimum size. The only way to view more tracks than that at the same time would be to use a bigger / higher resolution display.