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Having just bought this fantastic gizmo, How the, how does one use this device in lay mans terms please. I thought it was just play and record. Any help will be gratefully received.

Audacity is a free sound editing program. Do you mean you bought the computer and then installed Audacity?

I guess sequah means they purchased a USB cassette recorder or turntable.

If so please read . Ensure you do the first step “Ensure the Audacity software is up to date” first, or the instructions may make no sense.


Sorry, I don’t think I explained things correct. I bought the cassette tape converter, to plug into my laptop, which has windows7. but I cannot seem to get the music to transfer to a cd, or to come through the speakers of the laptop. I thought I could just put a tape into the player and down load. I am sure it must be something I am not doing right. Thank you for the swift response. The item in question is the tape to digital converter.

Then assuming the converter connects to the computer by USB cable, please read the link I already gave you: .

After recording successfully, export to stereo 44100 Hz WAV then use Windows Media Player to burn the WAV file to CD. Please see here for how to do that: .

Please read . Get Windows recognising the converter first.

Then make sure you have the latest Audacity 2.0.5 from , start Audacity and open Device Toolbar. You want it set up so it looks something like this:

Set the second box in Device Toolbar to your computer speakers or headphones then the third box to the USB Audio CODEC for the converter.

Click Transport > Software Playthrough at the top so that it is “on” (checkmarked) and click in the red recording meter to turn on monitoring:

Then play your tape and Audacity should play it through the computer audio. Adjust the input levels in Audacity then you can press Record.

This is all explained if you could please read the link.