How to use labels to silence regions of 1 track?


I have 2 recordings of a discussion, where the main speaker sounds best on recording-1 and the rest sound best on recording-2. Before I discovered that you can label a region, I placed a point label at all the points where I need to ‘switch to the other recording’.
I can’t figure out how to use my point labels to silence half of the regions of one track and the other half of the regions of the other track?
I HAVE tried reading and .
Should I in some way convert all the point labels into region labels?
Can anyone please give me a hint about how to proceed?

I have attached a screen shot showing all the labels.

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Henrik R.
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If you have labelled regions like this, AND a point label at the start:
then you can select both tracks and use “Edit menu > Labelled Audio > Split Cut” to cut (copy and remove) the labelled sections like this:
then “Tracks menu > Add New > Mono/Stereo track” and past the cut sections into the new track:
You can now process the two audio tracks independently however you wish.

OK. But how do I ‘convert’ point labels into region labels?

grab the little triangle handles and drag left or right (dragging the circle moves the point label)

Just be aware that it’s almost impossible to turn a region label back into a point label. :imp:


OK. Thank you. But dragging the triangle handle towards another point label doesn’t connect the 2. It just creates a new label near the old point label. That’s not very logical… :confused:

Not ideal - but if I wanted a range label between two point labels this is what I would do:

  1. Click in the waveform neat one of the labels till I see the yellow sticky marker
  2. drag in the waveform to the other label - and get the yellow sticky
  3. this gives you a selection
  4. Ctrl+B will label that selection
  5. delete the two point labels (right click on the label and select Dlete Label)


Wow! That was very effective!

OK. I have labelled every other region as you explained. (But I haven’t deleted the original point labels.) Then I selected 1 track. But when I go to "Edit menu > Labelled Audio > " all sub-menu items are grey and cannot be used. (I even tried closing Audaciy and open it Again.)
What’s the problem?

Is that the track with the labels or the track with the audio? The labels must be selected. Usually I’d use “Ctrl + A” to select “All”.

Right! If I select both the label-track and an audio-track all the menu items are active! Thank you.