How to use C++ Audacity source in C?

Hi, i’m writing a C program that takes a wav file in input and process it using Noise Reduction (Removal) from Audacity. However, i’ve noticed only two files: NoiseRemoval.cpp and NoiseRemoval.h.

Is there a way to use the noise removal function in my C project?
Thank you :slight_smile:

C has not been used much in 20 years or so. Why are you sticking with C? Unless your compiler is that old it will compile the .cpp files and c++ code just fine. Give it a try.

I’m using C because I’m a first year university student in computer science and it’s the only language i’ve learned till now… so… thanks anyway.

No? I must be living in the past then :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that C was probably the most used language still… :slight_smile:

What C compiler are you folks using that does not compile C++? C is a sub-set of C+±-any C++ compiler will compile C. I find it hard to believe that any school is teaching C only in lieu of C++!

Still, as I said in my first reply, even if the OP wants to stick with C, the Audacity code will compile just fine as C++ code in any modern compiler–and there are lots of very good free modern compilers. Just stick it in your project (getting all the dependencies right is another story), compile and link the new object code in.

Yes, he can use C++ code in his C projects, if the compiler he’s using supports it (and yes many of the current C/C++ compilers for “normal” computers can do both). But my OT comment was just to point that C is still quite used and useful, specially if you’re writing code for small devices. Usually the only compilers available are for assembly and C. I know of many devices to which you can only write code in C and not in C++, but I don’t know of any that you can write code in C++, but not in C. Therefore I think that it’s more important to learn C first than jumping straight to C++, without knowing C in the first place… But that’s my 2 cents :slight_smile: