How to use Audacity with a TASCAM US-122 mkII (guitar)

Hello, a friend gaves me a sound card TASCAM US-122 mkII but I don’t know how to use it on Audacity to do a recording with my electric guitar.
Can anybody help me please??

(Sorry for my bad language it’s because I’m french and I’m not really good in English)

I assume that you are using Windows Vista or later and that you have installed Audacity 2.1.0 on your computer.
I have therefore moved this topic to the Windows forum.

The manual for the TASCAM US-122 mkII may be downloaded from here:

In short, the Tascam should be connected to the computer and working BEFORE you launch Audacity. Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel that the Tascam is recognised by Windows and that Windows is receiving a signal. The Tascam should then be selectable in the device toolbar.

Does TASCAM US-122 mkII works with Windows 8??

We do not have detailed information about specific hardware. Please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation:

Ok, thank you for having answered so quickly.