how to use audacity 2.0


I recently downloaded audacity 2.0 but I cannot figure out how to use it. I sing alot in church and other events using karaoke tracks. Sometimes the tracks are to long and I would like to make them shorter by cutting out all the ad libs. A friend of mine has it on her computer and uses it often and that is how I learned about audacity. I am using Windows Media Player version 11 and IE version 7. I have all my karaoke tracks saved in Windows Media Player but can’t figure out how to put them in audacity to shorten them. I had my friend do it for me on 2 tracks but she lives in another state and I was visiting her to have this done. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I should download something else or even how to do this. Thanks for any and all responses and have a blessed day.



I`m certainly no expert with audacity but I do use to mess about with MP3 tracks - removing parts and shortening etc.

The problem with karaoke tracks is that they are either CDG ( Cd + Graphics) in which case I`m not sure of any software that will allow you to edit the music, or MP3+G. In the latter case there will be TWO files for each song One is the music in MP3 Format and the other is the graphics file which is the words you will see on the screen. The big problem is that the words and music are in sync and by editing the MP3 track you will loose this sync and then the words will no lomger be in time with the music. You can easily edit the MP3 track in audacity and I think there are some tutorials around somewhere - but as stated above the track would no longer work correctly with the graphics.
maybe somebody will pitch in with other advice but above is my understanding.