How to uninstall audacity

I did a search, and found nothing.

I’m using the 2.1.2 version. Distribution release, PPA version, I don’t know. It came installed on the computer.

After I upgraded audacity to 3.05, now audacity won’t run.

I can open it, nothing runs.

I assumed uninstalling it is the next step.


Okay, now it works!

Pulse volume audio control had some issue.

I switched it back and forth, and things started working again.


Back to my original question, how do I uninstall Audacity?

It malfunctions more often than it works!!

Which version of Linux are you using?
How did you install Audacity?

(For the Ubuntu family, if you installed the repository version, then you can uninstall from the Software Center).

I’m using Ubuntu 16.04

I didn’t install it, it came with the computer.

I did try uninstalling through the software center.

That didn’t work. It just goes back to the remove page.

Open a Terminal window and enter:

which audacity

(all lower case)
Does it say anything?

It says code:select:command not found

Okay, it did remove audacity!

I see in downloads, that there are several appimage files.

Is there a way to remove them?

You can just delete appimage files.

Thanks for the reply!