How to 'Uncompress' Audio File


I recorded a vocal track, compressed it and saved it out. Now, I would like to replace a piece of the track. Can I record a new piece for the replacement and work with the compressed file or does the file need to be uncompressed first? How do I do that?



Audacity saves an Audacity project (AUP) or exports an audio file.

If you are talking about lossy file size compression, like MP3, save a project if you want to change the audio later. The project’s audio is lossless. MP3 degrades every time you re-export.

If you are talking about dynamic range compression, you cannot easily undo that other than by Edit > Undo immediately after you compressed. Probably it is best to re-record the section you want and compress that with similar settings that you used before.

Audacity makes it relatively hard to re-record audio in the middle of the track, because the re-record is in a new track, but the advantage of that is that you can slide the newly recorded fragment exactly where you want it and crossfade the joins so that they merge seamlessly.


Thanks, Gale. I’m new to the program and when I try to save the project, it tells me it can’t save audio files, to export instead. I like to save as I go along but it seems I can’t save until I am completely done working on the audio file? Have attached screenprint ~T.~

If you want to work within Audacity, use File > Save Project… which is lossless. Audacity already autosaves important changes to your work so you don’t have to keep saving the project at every edit. Just File > Save Project… from time to time.

If the work is extensive and will take days or weeks to complete, use File > Save Project As… to save periodically to a new name with date and time in the file name. Then you have multiple projects at different stages in the work, and can go back to any of them if needed.

If you want to save as you go along and hear the song in Windows Media Player or other applications than Audacity, then you must File > Export Audio… . If you do this, export as WAV, which is lossless. Then if for any reason you need to import the WAV file and edit that, you won’t lose any quality.


Thanks, Gale. Will work with it.