How to turn off automatic noise removal in Audacity 2.0.1


I got a new Windows 7 x64 OS computer and installed the latest version of Audacity on it (Audacity 2.0.1). I have Audacity 1.3.13-beta on my other computer.
I was excited about the enhanced noise removal features of the new version of Audacity at first, but realize that it kills my voice and makes it sound very robotic.
I liked how the previous version of Audacity faithfully reproduced the natural harmonics of my voice.
Is there any way I can turn off the enhanced noise removal functions in Audacity 2.0.1?

Any help greatly appreciated!


Audacity does not have automatic noise removal, but Windows 7 does. See here for how to turn it off:

Thank you!
It helped to find out that the problem was not with Audacity.
I’m still trying to figure out my Windows 7 settings, though.
I’ll fiddle with those some more.