How to transfer music from a musical keyboard to Audacity

I play my music on a Technics KN 7000 keyboard and am able to record and save the music in the keyboard itself to play back. However, I wish to transfer it to Audacity and then save it as a music file so that I can share it with others. There is a Technics program that I used to use that worked beautifully to copy and save in both mp3 and wav format of recorded songs, but the program was written for Windows XP and is not compatible with newer versions of Windows. (I currently use Windows 8.) Is it possible simply to attach a cable from the earphone plug of the keyboard to the earphone or microphone plug of my computer and simply transfer in that way by playing the recorded song and then save it as a mp3 or wav file? If not, how can I move the music from my keyboard to my computer? Any help from my Audacity friends would be most appreciated.

Well, yes. I plug the headphone out of my keyboard into the Stereo Line-In of my Mac.

If you have a Windows laptop then the chances are really good you only have a Mic-In which is mono, not stereo, and easily overloaded and distorted.

The blue Stereo Line-In connection is missing. Some Windows laptops have a Stereo Line-In. Consult your instructions.

For everybody else, I found a stereo interface like the Behringer UCA202 or equivalent to be useful.

As an additional benefit, this is one of the devices we certified for musical Overdubbing/Sound-On-Sound work.


Hi Keyboard Ted,

The software does work on Windows 8 (Audio Recorder for KN), you just have to enable compatibility mode both when you install it and when you run it. If you need more info you should be able to find it on my site by googling technics kn7000 windows 8 (I don’t know whether URLs are allowed here, I just came across your message when searching for something else).