Forgive my limited tech knowledge and maybe what I am looking to do cannot be done so I will first ask: Does anyone know if an Audacity file can be downloaded or burned onto a CD? If so, how would I do this? I have a PC (Windows 7) and using Audacity version 2.0.5. I’ve scoured the internet and the tutorials on this but all I can find is that I need to make sure the Audacity files are first saved or recorded in a transferable file format (and something about LAME… all Greek to me, or an insult aimed at me!!).

Please help. Any feedback and info Is greatly appreciated.


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You can’t burn an Audacity Project to anything, but you can open it in Audacity and File > Export it as a WAV (Microsoft) sound file. Those are pretty universal and you don’t need Lame. That’s just for MP3. Do Not use MP3 for this job.

Then drag the WAV file over to Windows Media and follow the instructions to burn an Audio CD. That’s important. There are several different kinds of CD. Only the Audio CD will play in any Music CD player.


See here about working with Audacity projects:

If you need to send the sound to somebody else, see if the WAV file will fit in the email system. Mine will accept 25MB attachments.

If you just can’t do it any other way, then yes, you have to install the Lame software and File > Export an MP3. MP3 is pretty universal for internet transfers and posting, but it gets the smaller files by leaving out quality, and you can’t easily edit them after you transfer them. I think that will transfer about 2-1/2 minutes or so.


Thanks!! Very quick replies and very helpful info.

Thanks again.

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This set of tutorials may be useful to you too: