How to transfer Audacity recording to CD/DVD

I am very new to Audacity. I have recorded a basesball game from the Internet, and I would like to transfer it to a cd/dvd? using Nero so that my blind mother can listen to it at the nursing home on her cd player. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

R. Jirovec

Assuming the show is in Audacity (you didn’t actually say so), Export as WAV 16-bit PCM. Open that music file in Windows Media and follow the instructions to burn a Music CD (I’m not in Windows).

Audacity will not burn anything. Do Not go to MP3 in the middle as that causes some sound degeneration. Stay in WAV.

There are several different ways to burn a CD. Only a Music CD will play in almost all CD players.

You should also know that you can only put 78 minutes of show on a Music CD. It’s not optional. If the game goes over that, you can split the show into two (or more) and put each half on its own CD.