How to tell which Version of Audacity a Project was Made in?

I’m just curious -i have a bunch of old projects that were made in different versions of Audacity -Is there a way to tell which version of Audacity the projects were made in??


If the project is an AUP3 files, it is Audacity 3.0 or later.
If the project is an AUP file + _data folder, it is Audacity 2.4.2 or earlier.

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Thanks, Steve!

Where can I find this “file type”?

You can look at the “file name extension”, but unfortunately Windows hides that by default for “known file types”. To make all file name extensions visible in Windows, see:

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-I, actually, just discovered that it (windows?) shows whether aup, or aup3 upon opening the project -While it’s loading up in that little grey window there…

I’ve got a bunch of Aup’s, so I suspect these were all done on 2.3…

Also, .aup files have an associated _data directory that you might notice… .aup3 files do not.