How to take excerpts from multiple .wav files and create a single file

Several years ago I interviewed numerous senior citizens re: their memories of what it was like to grow up in my hometown. I asked them all the same questions individually on different days. The interviews are now all on separate .wav files. What I am hoping to do is to create a single audio file (for a presentation) in which I take each of their answers (i.e, what was high school like for you?) and have their answers to each question in an audio file back to back. How do I take excerpts from each interviewee and merge their answers into a single audio file? For example, if I asked each what was school like, I would hope to have Mr Smith’s audio, followed by Mr. Jones’, then Miss Brown’s? I am planning to present this to my local historical society. I have looked through all of the Audacity documentation without any clear answers.

I am not anywhere near the level of other moderators and contributors in here. But, it sounds to me that you need to import all of the interviews (they’ll be in their own track). Then create a blank track. Copy appropriate excerpts from each track and paste them into you new track. When finished constructing your presentation in that new track, select the track and use Export Selected Track.

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