How to swap channels

I’m using Audacity 2, compiled from source (through close direction by Gale !) and running under Ubuntu 11.10. I’m transferring black vinyl to digital form. I have just realised that, on playback, my channels are reversed from the original vinyl source. I’m using an M-Audio card with clearly marked RCA connectors; unfortunately the cables between my amp and the M-Audio card both have 3mm jack plug at one end, so I purchased a couple of short leads with 3mm jack sockets at one end. I am guessing that there is an incompatibility between the plug wiring and the socket wiring in the cables. By looking at the “Vu Meters” in Audacity on playback it looks like it is my input/record cable that is in error.

I can either swap the RCA connections over at one end of the relevant composite cable and re-record. or I can swap the channels with Audacity. One I know how to do, the other I don’t - and I can’t find a reference to it in any guidance. Is it possible?

– Bill

Thanks for the prompt answer. I would never have guessed to find this information under the topic heading ‘Split and Join Tracks’ !