how to split two sounds from a single track?

i have recently downloaded a movie. Its dubbed in some unknown language. The original language (english) run along with the dubbed language. In other words, we can hear the original and the dubbed language simultaneously. The only difference is that the dubbed language is louder than the original. Is there anyway to make the original sound of the movie more clear and minimize the loudness of the dubbed language?

I presume that it is a pirate copy rather than an official release version of the movie? In that case the answer would be no, you’re stuck with it. On official release DVDs there’s usually a menu option to select the language/subtitles.

“You can’t un-fry an egg or unbake a cake, and you can’t un-mix sounds.” (You can isolate the left & right channels and there is a “Vocal Remover” effect that removes the “center channel” by subtracting left from right.)

If you have one language in the left channel and another language in the right channel, you can mute one side and make a mono track.

If it’s really annoying, you really want this movie, and the original movie is not available, I’d suggest making a DVD with subtitles, and then you can mute the sound. (You’ll need DVD authoring software to do that.)

:smiley: :smiley: Or, maybe you can get together with some of your friends and record a new soundtrack! :smiley: :smiley: