How to split several tracks at once? [SOLVED]


I have a 6 track loaded audio file.

I need to remove the same amount of time at the beginning for each track.

The way to do it to to set the cursor at the cut point for each track, use Control-i to make a cut, select the beginning and delete it.

Is there a way to set the cursor for all 6 tracks at the same time, and use Control-i to split them at once without having to repeat the process 6 times?

I’m using 2.1.2, thanks.

Are the 6 tracks stacked one above the other, all starting at “time = 0”?


Select the part that you want to delete in one of the tracks (see here for various ways of selecting audio:
Then press “Ctrl + Shift + K” (or “Edit menu > Select > In All Tracks”)
Then press the Delete key.

Thanks Steve, just what I needed!