how to split file

I am using XP sp3. How can I split a wav file equally, then export the
two files? Thanks, Glen
I don’t know what you mean by “the exact three-section version of Audacity”

Look at Help > About Audacity… and you will see three numbers, such as 2.1.3. What does your copy say?

Click in the waveform at half way, and Ctrl + B to add a label. For more accuracy, try Analyze > Regular Interval Labels… . First box, choose number of labels. Second box, choose “2” labels.

File > Export Multiple… . Put a tick (checkmark) in “include audio before first label”. Choose the export format and location at the top.


It’s 2.1.3 Thanks. Glen

If you want an exact “first half / second half” split, then probably the simplest way is to use the Selection Toolbar ( to select exactly the first half of the track, and export using “File menu > Export Selected Audio”, then select the second half and export in the same manner.

If you don’t need the selection to be exact, then you can just “Zoom to fit” ( and select one half at a time using your mouse. See here for more information about making audio selections: