How to splice in a new clip to a file that's been mastered?

Hi! I’m narrating an audiobook and I’ve run into a situation where the author doesn’t like the way I articulated one word in a chapter. I’ve been saving each chapter as an Audacity project as well as an mp3, so I would be able to make changes if needed. But the problem I’ve run into is that when I try to splice in the new, corrected clip, I can’t get the volume levels to match the existing project, even after going through the mastering steps again. I’m wondering if anybody is aware of how to fix this, or am I doomed to re-recording the whole chapter?

I’m using Audacity 3.1.3 on Mac OS Catalina

Thanks in advance!

Effect > Amplify ?

@jademan I will give that a try, thank you! I’m desperate enough to try just about anything, lol :cry:

the author doesn’t like the way I articulated one word in a chapter.

There is no “one word patch.” Announce the nearest whole sentence or phrase and carefully push that into the master.

If you used our three-step audiobook mastering process, it should be possible to “master” the correction sentence(s) and have them more match than not.

The first step in Mastering, Filter Curve is a rumble filter which removes low pitch sounds and errors. You have to use that once per presentation. The other two, Loudness Normalization and Soft Limiter, don’t do anything if they’re not needed.

So after mastering the corrected sentences and they still don’t match, then yes, you will need to fine tune by hand and scooch (technical term) the volume up and down slightly with Effect > Amplify.

If the reason for the mismatch is you setting up your script and microphone in a different room, that will be much more entertaining to fix—if it can be done at all.

One of the Audiobook Fuzzy Rules is to not change anything once you start. There is no getting a new microphone or different mastering process in the middle of a book.

There was one poster who moved houses in the middle of a book and against all odds, managed to reconstruct a close enough studio to keep on working. My money was she couldn’t do it.


envelope tool enables precise control of volume …

But volume is all it does:
it won’t match the equalization, nor room-reverb, (if you are in a different location).