How to silence the noisy edges of tracks?

Is there a way to automatically detect where the meaningful part of the track ends or starts and generate silence in before or after these regions? I end up manually selecting these edges and generating silence in them, but this is too tedious. I usually record human voice, so I understand that the risk in using automation would be that some of the good sounds might be removed. For example, sound T or B is represented as a small peak that is easy to confuse with the sound of a click. Any advise highly appreciated.

You may just be doing it wrong. Post a short WAV segment showing the end of one sentence and the beginning of another… Nothing over about ten seconds. DO Not send just the noise. The voices are required.


Sounds like you want to automatically squelch the noise between phrases , a noise-gate will do that , there is a noise-gate plug-in for Audacity here …

You should still post an example of the problem before you patch it. Smashing silence between the tracks may not be the best sounding way to process your performances.