how to shift accurate

After selecting a track and hor. shift the selection
to let’s say 16.000 sec is not precise with mouse dragging.
Editing the selection start time below does not shift
the selection but the changes the start time.
How can I shift a selection to the milisecond?

  1. Click on the track that you want to move.
  2. In the “Selection Toolbar” (, set the length to zero and the “Selection Start” time to the exact time that you want the track to start.
  3. Tracks menu > Align Tracks > Start to Cursor / Selection start.

Ok, works fine. However can a selection being
horizontally dragged not ‘snap fit’ to other parts.

You can create a label at the point where you want to snap to and there will be a yellow “snap line” when the start of the audio clip is lined up with it.