How to setup Audacity for Skype recording

Hi guys, I am absolutely new to podcasting and trying to figure out how to use Audacity for interviews.

Is Skype in-calling (online number) plus Audacity plus a headset with some microphone is enough to start with?

As per my understanding I need to choose Stereo Mixer as input In Audacity. Where is it? I cannot find it.

Should I record Skype call directly from Audacity or I should use intermediary software like Pamela plugin to create a stereo file?

Then how to to adjust the audio inputs to similar levels?

Thank you for your help.

I think i figured out how to have stereo recording.

the problem is - as i record skype conversation AUDACITY records only my own voice, not a caller who calls from a regular phone using my online number.

Welcome to the place everybody gets stuck.

The only way to record both sides of a Skype call – other than a full on-multi-channel sound mixer – is Pamela or Total Recorder. Even if you do that, you can’t mix live. You either get both voices jammed into one presentation in which case you can’t control the far side volume, or you’re on the left and the caller is on the right. This is the preferred way because then you can apply corrections and mixing in post production. And there has to be a post production because you can’t control enough things inside a PC to do a full show.

This is where I pass the blame. Skype does not Play Well With Others. It made its reputation of always working by viciously reassigning the computer sound channels and sometimes never letting them go.

This isn’t a good thing when you want to play music and do other things during the call.

I’m sure there are podcasting packages that let you do all of those things, but I’m also sure they’re more expensive than free. Pamela and Total Recorder are both money-based packages.


I got Pamela yesterday and bitch doesn’t record. It records when it feels like, other times it just doesn’t get activated. What a bizarre thing! Have anybody faced the same problem? Is there anything can be done about it?

Pamela and Skype need to be the only two things running. Close everything else.

Only the top two Pamela versions are going to do what you want – Business and Professional. Pamela Call Recorder and Basic have been intentionally crippled.