How to set voice voulume to 14000 kHz

is there a way in Audacity to set recorded voice to 14000 kHz that I can’t hear it consciously but there is a sound that can be caught by subconscious mind?

I’m talking about Subliminal messages.

This guy do this in Adobe Audition, the part that he does it what I want to do is from 37:20 min to 41:00 min -
but I want to do this in Audacity.


The sampling rate is listed in the lower-left of the Audacity window. It doesn’t affect the volume. Two standard sample rates are 11025 and 16000. Not 14000.

Set it with Preferences > Quality: Sampling

Top number


Sorry but I think you didn’t understand what I want to do. I want to extract high frequency from voice that is barely audible like in video that I added.

All the fellow in the video did was to apply a brick-wall high pass to the content and then cut/paste the filtered bit to a new track.

The “equalization” tools is probably the easiest to do this, build a EQ curve that is 0db from 14kHz up and -120 14kHz and down.

Like this:

Thanks guys, now I got it what I needed with “Equalization” Nice forum btw. :wink: