how to separate streaming audio in two

I am using windows 7 with Audacity 2.0.5 and recorded 2 hours of streaming audio. Now I want to separate this into 2 or 3 audio projects based on type of music. How do I do this.


How did you save the work? MP3?

Yes, it was saved as a MP3

If you saved an Audacity project, open the AUP file rather than import the MP3 again. MP3 is lossy so you threw quality away by exporting as that. To save a backup of a recording, export as WAV.

If you only have the MP3, drag it into Audacity, label the points where the songs change genre, then File > Export Multiple… . See Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual .


Why so complicated?
I open a song, select the part that I want and press Ctrl-x (or c).
Then, Ctrl-n for a new project instance and Ctrl-v to paste the clip.

First sentence:

The following tutorial demonstrates one method for dividing a recording into separate songs for export…


Thanks for all the great replies, I really appreciate the information !!!