How to select the segment between Label Points

  1. how to select track portion as delineated by the selected label points
    (shown up as the Start / end Points in the Selection Bar?) for editing/exporting etc?

The Label Track portion is highlighted, but the Sound Wave (Mono) track portion is not;
“Export Selected” not available;
the Start/End in the Selected toolbar filled.

No reference seen from : Label Tracks - Audacity Development Manual -

The desperation method is zoom out (Control-3) until both label points are visible. Drag-select the sound. Labels are sticky/magnetic.


An alternative to click and drag:

  1. Select the audio track and the label track (if there is just one audio track and one label track you can use Ctrl+A to select All)
  2. Edit menu > Labeled Audio > Split (splits the audio track at each label position to create a series of separate audio clips)

You can now quickly and easily select an audio clip by double clicking on it.
If you want to re-join a single split, click on it.