How to select the portion of the track to keep

I am an old guy not too used to this type of software. I caanot seem to figure out exactly how to cut the parts of the mp3 i want to keep. It seems that it cuts the section i have identified, instead of the part i want.
I read the short tutorial, but still could not figure out how to run the prohgram.
Is there an “Audacity for Dumies” tutorial somewhere?

What I so is: File → export → Export Selected Audio.

Note that when you open an MP3 for editing it gets decompressed. If you re-export as MP3 it goes through another generation of lossy compression and some “damage” accumulates. You may not hear any quality loss but it’s something you should be aware of, and you should try to minimize the number of times it’s compressed-recompressed.

There is a special-purpose MP3 editor called MP3directCut that can do some limited editing without decompressing. (It’s a little “different” from most audio editors and I’ve only used it a couple of times so I can’t help you with it.)

Writing that down.

That may give you a perfect quality WAV file, but you can’t get a Project out of that, right?

It always seemed to me this process was upside down.


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