How to select a sliced bit of audio for deletion

I want to delete a piece of audio that I just sliced while keeping the other segments in the same place (Audacity calls this a split cut per manual). I can’t figure this out. The instructions on the internet are awful. They show pictures of slices of audio for cutting or deleting but not HOW to select a resulting slice for deletion or cutting other than showing an image of a highlighted segment - is highlighting the only way to do that (if so, there is no way to highlight that accurately). If I slice audio three ways (resulting in two sliced bits) and I put the Selection Tool over a bit for deletion that seems to merge the two back again! I tried to indicate the piece I want deleted using the other tools but no go. I simply want to highlight the sliced piece I want to delete but there is no way to do this without merging the two bits I just cut OR accidentally highlighting a part of the piece next door. In short, isn’t there a simple way to just select a sliced piece and then follow that up with a delete? It seems impossible to do this with the Select Tool.

Given so much in Audacity depends on selecting audio, it would seem tedious to explain how to select audio on all the pages concerned. I mildly agree the Edit Menu page might have a link to Audacity Selection .

If you already have a clip separated by a black vertical split line, double-clicking inside a clip fully selects it.

If you have already created a split line then clicking on it merges the split. You will have to double-click inside the clip to fully select it.

For what you seem to be describing, you could uncheck “Editing a clip can move other clips” in Tracks Preferences. Then select what you want to remove, and CTRL + I to split. What you want to remove is already selected, so then just press DEL on your keyboard.

With “Editing a clip” checked or unchecked, you can instead select what you want to remove then Edit > Remove Audio > Split Cut (CTRL + ALT + X). As far as I understand what you are trying to do, there is then nothing left to delete from what you wanted to remove.


Thanks again, Gale. I am amazed I did not accidentally double-click inside the sliced clip with all the clicking I’ve been doing! I will definitely try that. I am sure I can take it from here now. My Windows 7 has now finally rendered my old CoolEdit and my old Sonar 2 finally obsolete it seems, so I am learning this Audacity as a mastering tool creating an hour long work with 15 clips that I pre-recorded some years ago. So far, it seems a pretty able program. I am not fond of the Bass Boost though. I wish there was an Equalizer slightly more sophisticated to allow for more subtle sliding of low, middle and high frequencies, but overall I am doing pretty well, thanks to you! Danny

Make your selection and then use the “Silence” button on the Edit Toolbar. This will replace your selection with silence and will leave the other parts of the track in their original positions with respect to the timeline. Does this give you what you want?

It’s at Effect > Equalization half way down the Effect Menu: .