how to search the online manual (not the whole wiki)?

hello, i’m kinda new here so sorry if the answer is obvious.

when i’m using the Audacity program, there is a link to the online help (manual). when I click that link I go to the online manual but I don’t see any way to search the manual. I can “search the wiki” which includes much more than the manual. is there any way to refine your search to just the manual to just the manual?

In most cases it is possible to find the relevant section by searching the front page of the manual with your web browser’s word search (usually “Ctrl + F”).

Note also that the big picture on that page has “tooltips” when you hover the mouse over it, and clicking on part of the image takes you to the appropriate page of the manual.

If you really need to search the whole manual, then Google does an excellent job if you use the magic search term:


Just add your search term after this magic search term, for example if you want to find “Export Multiple”, you could search Google for:

site:  "Export Multiple"

and the top hit is:

Also, at the bottom of the left column in the manual, there’s a link “WIT” (abbreviation for “What Is That?”).
The link goes to this interactive on-line help page: