How to search for sound that went over a certain decibel lvl


I was wondering how to search for sound that went over a certain sound level. I like to record myself when I sleep to listen for any sleep talk, and I feel like this would make it finding any sleep-talk a lot simpler for me.

If you look at the recording in spectrogram view, ( rather than the default waveform view ), portions containing speech will be identifiable by patterns in the spectrogram.

I would first use the “Truncate Silence…” effect to eliminate the gaps (when you’re neither talking nor snoring) or to truncate them to let’s say 0.5 s max length.
You can then use the sound finder (Analyse menu) to label the individual sounds.

Thanks! Also, I know it all sounds weird, but it’s a lucid dreaming thing. I’ll try this tonight; if it works well, I’ll mark it as solved.