how to: search/find spectra

V. 2.1.0
OS X 10.11.6

Given an extended recording (2+ hour) of the dawn chorus (birds) and a known sonogram/spectrum specific to a certain bird, is there a way to search and find in the extended recording each instance of this bird’s vocalisations? Some way more specific that Hi/Low Pass Filter then Sound Finder. Thanks for your help,


Not that I know of, but you could make a visual search easier by cutting out parts that you know do not contain the required sound - for example, remove silent parts, and remove parts that a so noisy that the required sound will be overwhelmed.

There’s a specialized program from a UK? university that’s built for that. It’s not for the faint of heart. Now only, if I could remember the name…

Maybe have a look here:

Cheers for that.

I’m wondering since Audacity can presumably sample, find and replace automajically , i.e. Noise Reduction could this not be easily developed into a step by step process - just sample and find?

Neuroscience always induces a sense of faintness but I will give it a go and let you know the results.

Many thanks for your helpful replies.

Luscinia seems most promising. Will carve out some time to trial and be back with results.

Great! I’d love to hear your results.

Turns out there are heaps of published papers addressing this problem. Most of the mathematics and acoustics are far beyond my understanding. Apparently the proprietary Song Scope can sample and find. Here’s a paper outlining the methods used to ID bird calls in 876 hrs of recording: 1. Buxton RT, Jones IL. Measuring nocturnal seabird activity and status using acoustic recording devices: Applications for island restoration. J F Ornithol. 2012;83(1):47–60. I wouldn’t be surprised that the tools are already in Audacity to do the same, just needing to be put in place.

And here’s an evaluation: 1. Wolfgang A, Haines A. Testing Automated Call-Recognition Software for Winter Bird Vocalizations. Bioone. 2016;23(2):249–58.