How to search Audacity Manual

That’s the whole question. How do I search the Audacity Manual? I want to look up the answers to my questions myself in the manual, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to search. What am I missing?

Thanks for any help you might offer.

First level is launch the on-line manual from the blue band at the top of the forum. Scroll down to the major segments such as Quick Help, Editing, Foundations, etc.

Also see the vertical band on the left. I live in Reference > FAQ and Reference > Index. Also above that, Navigation > Effects.

Navigation > Customizing > Plugins, in my opinion, is less useful than it could be. It seems dedicated to showing me everything but plugins.

There’s deeper stuff as well. You can submit a bug, error or change order.


Perhaps I wasn’t clear. The question is, how can I search within the Audacity Manual?

Do you realize that the image of the Audacity interface on the front page of the manual is a clickable imagemap enabling you to drill to the appropriate page ?


I don’t seem to be able to explain my question properly. I’m asking how to search within the Help Manual. You know…like you can do in every user manual ever created.

like you can do in every user manual ever created.

Audacity doesn’t have a global search system other than Google.

We should remember Audacity is not a vast corporation. This is the headquarters in Land’s End, Cornwall.

It’s all volunteer. If you wanted to write, troubleshoot and publish a search system, we can talk about that.


You seem to be taking the question personally. “We” need to remember that when people ask questions, it’s not an indictment on the quality of the product or the volunteers behind it. I thought it was a pretty simple question. Thank you for answering it.

The release version of the manual does not have a built-in search engine. However, you can easily search the on-line version using Google. For example, if you want to search for “crossfade tracks”, use this as the search term:

site: "crossfade tracks"

See it in action here:

Tip: Add a bookmark / favourite to your web browser to:


then you can use that shortcut and only need to type the search term (such as “crossfade tracks”).

In my case, I also downloaded the zip file of audacity manual and unzipped it in a folder as “audacity-manual-2_3_0”.
By using the free “Agent Ransack” that I had already I can search a word or an expression in any folder on my lap then open the file (here html) of interest.