How to save very long files (23+hours) loselessly?

I need to resample and save a very long files, for example, I have recorded files with length of 14:15:02.505, I´v tried to save. At first as FLAC, then WAV. But I found out, that once flac goes over size of 2GB, it fails to encode, resulting in file which doesn´t show any sound when openend in player like winamp, vlc or MPC. in soundforge 10 it doesn´t even shows any sound, only empty file. At max compression (8) I could get there about 9 hours of sound. Wav is even worse. With Audacity supporting only 16bit wav, the max size of file is 4GB, which makes something about 406 minutes (06:46 h.).
So i there any way to save such big files?

I´m using Audacity 2.0.3, Win7 Pro SP1 64bit/XP Pro SP3 32bit, NTFS on HDDs

See this topic:

That link is not any help, they write about, why it is as is, but don´t offer any solution.

Read the second page. headphonica solved his/her problem.

Audacity is not the best surveillance recorder…

Going linux is not solution for me, unless you can run audible audio manager there too.
I am replaying that crappy DRM aax file through itunes on my ntb (HP2510p) with XP pro, catching it on output and recording in audacity. I need it saved as very long file, which I can transfer through lan to my main gaming competur to play with and either to save myself work, save it as MP3 and cut automatictly with MP3Direct cut, or just cut it directly from audacity, while saving as MP3, and finally playing it on my phone (Nokia with symbian).

MP3 is not lossless - that is why it produces a fairly small file.

How do you propose to transfer a file many GB in size over a LAN?

If you want a lossless format, you can use RF64 which has a limit of about 16 exabytes. Choose “Other uncompressed files” when you export, click the “Options…” button, choose “RF64 (RIFF64)” Header and choose the bit depth in “Encoding”. If you choose 16-bit encoding and 441000 Hz project rate it will use 600 MB of space per hour for stereo or 300 MB per hour for mono, just like WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit PCM.

Please note the current Audacity version is 2.0.5: .


Thank you.

Yes MP3 is not loseless, but I need loseless format file for inbetween process, as to not lose quality uncessarrily.
How to transfer files over local area network? Use a router, few cables, two computers with OS, and file manager.

I will try that format, hopefully it will be OK.