How to save stereo as 2 seperate mono files

I record using a 2-channel audio interface and when I export(save) the project, instead of having both channels saved as 1 AIFF Stereo file, as I always do, I want to be able to export the project so that each channel is saved as two separate files.

However, the recording techniques I use to record live classical music is usually a spaced pair, so the recording does already have a nice stereo image even if it is that 1 Stereo track. Do I even want to bother with two mono files for panning,EQ,etc, purposes, or should I just continue editing as I always have? I usually just add a small amount of EQ and slight reverb to the track if it needs it.



You should make that crystal clear straight away. Audacity Saves Projects and Exports sound files and they don’t cross.

With a stereo show on the timeline, use the left-hand drop-down menu Split Stereo to Mono.

Select one track by clicking just above MUTE. File > Export Audio.

Repeat with the other one.


Got it to work. Thanks again.