how to: save point in time, go to new point, select between?


I can’t work this out: How do you save a point in time, then position the main time bar at a new position (which will involve messing round: scrolling, playing, repositioning, to find the right point), then select between the first saved point in time and the new time position?


If you’re used to video edit points, Audacity doesn’t have those. But we do have labels.

When you get to the first point, set a label there with Command-B. Then go to your second point and set another label. The labels are sticky or magnetic when when you click-drag close enough, the labels will capture the selection.


Ah yes I see. I had actually accomplished it a different way before seeing your answer: I used split (CMD + |), to split where the playback bar is, then locate the playback bar in the second position, split again, then double click on the middle block. Not sure which way’s best. Not a lot in it. Either are good.

Great, thanks.