how to save file in 6 channel instead of dual channel

i have source AC3 file with 6 channel and after loading it to audecity i have changed its length with help of ‘effect-tempo’

upto this point every thing goes fine

now when i try to export it … i get mono channel file … i want a 6 channel output

NOTE: i have selected all waves files (6 to be exact) and applied effect on all of them and trying to export all into 1 single file with 6channel

HOPE i have explained my problem correctly

Use Audacity 1.3.12 (not the old 1.2.6 version).
Go to “Edit menu > Preferences > Import/Export” and select “Use Custom Mix”. This will allow you to map the tracks to multiple channels in the output file.

i tested it on a 10min. clip and when i exported the clip after applying effects it worked but the output file is unplayable and is of length 12 sec.

EDIT: its very annoying that my ip is blacklisted here and i have to post using proxy which is not the case with any major forum … i am a registered member on almost 100+ forums and have never faced such an insult

Did it play correctly in Audacity?
What format did you export it as?
The exported file is unplayable in what program?
Does the exported file play correctly if you import it back into Audacity?

Re. banned IP.
This is not intended as an insult - could you send me a PM with your IP address and I’ll look into how/why this has occurred.

problem solved :slight_smile: the clip i was using was currupt and i got perfect result with another file

thanks for the help

@ chk ur PM mate for my IP … was bit annoyed at that point as i have been an active member on forums and holds a good/long moderation experience… so it was a shame on my side that i was tagged as spammer :blush:

anyway the issue is solved which is the most imp. thing

thanks again for the help

Quite understandable, but it is the maintainers of the DNS blocklists we check against:

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