How to save an entire side of a 33.3 vinyl record

Hello Community:
I just started using Audacity (v. 2.2.2) for MP3 export/conversions (w/Lame v.3.99.3) and after I recorded the entire side of a 33.3 vinyl record, only the first track of my 4-track recording session was saved and converted to an MP3.

The 4-tarck session ran for a little over 23 minutes. At the end of track 4, I clicked on STOP and saved my project. I then selected ‘Export to MP3’ and it went through the export process. Thinking all 4 tracks were saved as one long MP3, I then found out only the first track had been saved and converted to the MP3 format.

Question: Can Audacity record sequential tracks of a vinyl record that are separated by 2-second gaps between tracks and allow an MP3 save of all 4 tracks, complete with gaps? If so, could someone point me to that part In the User Manual that describes how to do this.

I would prefer not to export each track individually and convert each to an MP3. I would like to record an entire side of the vinyl record in one session and save as one MP3. Thank you for any input on this issue. NealO.

See this set of Tutorials in the Manual:

And this suggested workflow:


Thanks very much for the input. I found what I needed to accomplish what I intended - ‘Export Multiples’ That worked. Thank you again, WC.