How to run perl script in Audacity

Hi everyone, I’m new to scripting and I want to run a perl script in audacity for some arg thing but I don’t want to go through the hassle of programming or install phyton and waste more time than i have to. (because i already did waste several hours of my life finding something to encrypt audio with) I just want to run the script and invert the audio, do I have to install a plugin or something? Or do I have to convert it to this “nyquist” thing. Here is the perl scrip, any help would be appreciated:

$fs = 48000; # sample rate
$fc = 3729; # carrier frequency
$filter = " sinc -$fc"; # optional LP filter

$fc = freq($fc);

open(IN, “sox scrambled.wav -c 1 -b 16 -e signed -t .raw -|”);
open(OUT,“|sox -r $fs -c 1 -b 16 -e signed -t .raw - descrambled.wav”.

while (not eof IN) {

$acc += $fc;
$acc -= 65536 if ($acc > 32767);

print OUT pack(“s”,unpack(“s”,$a) * sin($acc/32768*3.141592653589793));

sub freq { int(.5 + $_[0] * 65536 / $fs); }

Since you appear to be using SoX, you could invert the audio with:
sox -v -1 input.wav output.wav
The -v option is “volume” on a scale of 0 = silence, 1 = original volume, -1 (negative one) = inverted.

thanks but how do i run it? that was my original question

If you do all of your processing with SoX then you don’t need to run Audacity.

But to answer your original question, mod-script-pipe works with any language that supports “named pipes”, and that includes Perl (Scripting - Audacity Manual).
There’s an old example script here: (though it’s not been maintained for years, so I can’t guarantee that it won’t require a bit of tweaking).

@steve actually, i don’t need your help anymore, because I found one of your scripts that does the job from this post: Spectral Invert (oh and it’s broken in the latest version of Audacity for some reason and I had to go and install a previous version of Audacity) I was just being stubborn not seeing your script and the nyquist prompt. Thanks for your help, but now I want to deinvert the audio now just to make sure it can actually be retrievable. Could you make one please?

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