How to route audio (VoIP phone calls) to sound card channels


I face with a problem while using Ozeki VoIP SDK along with a special 8-channel sound card (Gigaport).

I try to describe the problem in more details. So, I want audio in respect of all calls to be routed to one of the channels on the card.

It works in case of the first two calls, but audio is not routed to the preferred channel for the other calls.

I have no idea where to start in solving the problem. Where is the error? In the sound card? In the controller? Or is it SDK issue?

The following method is called at the end of each phone call:

private void stopSpeaker()
        connector.Disconnect(mediaReceiver, speaker);
        if (speaker != null)
            speaker = null;

Please give me some ideas or help me to get moving, because I got stuck here… :frowning:

Audacity will record from multiple channels, but will only record from one device. Many multi-channel soundcards arrange the channels in stereo pairs, so Audacity will only record from the first stereo pair. That’s probably why you got stuck with the first two.

Audacity also does not directly support ASIO software, so if your soundcard needs ASIO to work, that’s not directly supported. I don’t know any way around that.