How to Route 4 Mono Tracks, 1 Each to 4 Outputs of Scarlet 2i4

I have generated 4 mono tracks in Audacity and would like these to appear 1 each at the 4 outputs of a Scarlet 2i4 USB audio interface.

What is the absolute simplest way to do this, either within Audacity (preferred) or with basic software and 4 MP3 files saved from Audacity to my local SSD?

This is for a research project where we are using Audacity as a four phase audio wave form generator.

Different program? As far as I know, Audacity will play in mono or stereo (two track). Full Stop.


Maybe you misunderstood. I would generate the 4 mono tracks in Audacity and then save each to my local SSD as separate files. From there, outside of Audacity, I need a way to feed one each into the 4 channels of the interface.

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You are warned about 4 track oddities. The large volume control on the front only affects tracks 1 and 2.

This is from your manual.

To allow you to get started if you do not already have a DAW application installed on your computer, both Pro Tools | First and Ableton Live Lite are included; these will be available to you once you’ve downloaded and activated your software on-line. To install either DAW, download and save the desired installer file from your registered Focusrite “My Products” page as described on page 5, and then run it, following all on-screen instructions.


Yes, I have Cakewalk installed. But how do I load the 4 MP3’s into it as separate tracks, and how do I assign them to each of the 4 outputs of the 2i4?

What’s the job? Why are we doing this? Sometimes the forum can get stuck microscopically viewing one small part of a job when changing the character of the job can make a world of difference.

For example, one of the variations of Dolby Surround is not use the Center and LFE tracks. Four track. Boom. Done.


Anything in here?


I have imported 4 tracks to Cakewalk. Assigned outputs to Scarlet 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Switched to I/O view. But I cannot figure out how to configure the inputs for 4 outputs. In the dialog box I only see choices of L, R and stereo. What should I do please?

How will you know when you succeed? What’s going to start working?


Would any one else care to respond? My question is as specific as I can make it.

If anyone has come here looking for an answer, here it is.

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