How to reuse code of noise removal in audacity


I’d like to integrate the noise reduction function of audacity into my own code (C++), but I have no idea how to do that, does anyone try that before or does anyone can shed light on this problem ? Thanks for any help!

Could you say some more about what you are wanting to do? What is your new program being designed to do?

Well, it’s just a simple project that mainly deal with audio. Within the project, there is a menu that I want to add, that is to suppress the noise signal in the input audio, and I found the audacity has such an ability of noise reduction, so I want to integrate that part of code into my program and, if possible, to see whether I can also do some contribution by adjusting the code to have a better performance.

Can you help me out? Thanks.

I guessed that much :wink:
I was wondering if you say a bit more, but any way, what I was thinking was, how about using SoX. Subject to the terms of the GPL license you could include SoX in your application without modification, then pass command line arguments to SoX to perform noise removal and/or other audio processing.