how to replay files for editing

I recorded several chapters in a book, saving them as AUP files of lengths varying from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. All seemed to be going well until I tried to replay what I had saved, and dscovered they had been chopped into 6 second segments. It might be possible for me to go through and clip them all together but they have not been saved in order, which means it would be less time consuming to re-record them. But how can I make sure this doesn’t happen again? I need to save them so that I can go back and edit them, so from what I understand that means I have to save them as AUP files, yes? I am using Windows 8.
I obtained the zip download and it says it’s 2.0.6

saving them as AUP files

That’s the wrong words. You saved them as Audacity Projects which are collections of files one of which is the AUP. Double click the AUP file and it will go out and find the _DATA folder of the same name and open it into your show.

If it fails, it may be because you moved the _DATA folder or AUP file so they’re in different folders, or you may have renamed either or both. You can’t split them up or rename them. Don’t take the _DATA folder apart. The AUP file will never be able to put your show back together.


I recorded several chapters in a book, saving them as AUP files of lengths varying from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

For future reference… It’s best to export to WAV immediately after recording. Once you have those WAV files, you are fairly “safe” as long as you don’t erase or over-write them.

And of course you can back-up the WAV files if they are irreplaceable (if there’s no chance for “take 2”), or if you’re paranoid or you just want to be extra-safe.

Then if you want to create an AUP project containing one or more WAV files, you can. When you’re done editing, or if you get to a point where you want to save your work, it’s a good idea to export again to another WAV file, even if you are going to save your AUP project.

…I do a lot of editing of audio files where I never bother saving the AUP.

Thank you! It seems that the files were stored in 2 different places, and I cannot open them when I access them from one place – but i have now succeeded in doing so from another. However, DVDDoug, i have been leery of saving them as WAV files because I had read that Audacity can’t open WAV files. Therefore I cannot edit them once saved as WAV files. Are you saying otherwise?

Audacity works in its own “Audacity Project” format.
Normal audio files, which work in other programs, (such as WAV files) are Imported and Exported.