How to replace words

Please help me with this: I need to select two words in my audio and then replace their places (so that first word goes in a place of the second word and opposite). I’d like to do this by selecting the box which shows the minutes and seconds, but I don’t know how to properly select both parts and then replace them.

Perhaps this would be easier if you can split this task into two smaller tasks. Just replace one word at a time. :wink:

(You can always add a word to the end of the recording).

You could start with Ctrl+C, copy and Ctrl-V, paste.

Experiment with this and then tell us how you make out. :smiley:

Man, It is just a simple copy and paste job. Just select one part at a time.

Now that I’m too late.

Drag-select, copy, etc is one simple technique, but it’s very much easier if you master the zoom tools. There’s no shortage of different ways to zoom around your production …

… but I only use three zoom tools. Drag-select something and zoom into it with Control+E. Do it again if you didn’t zoom in enough. Zoom out a little bit with Control+3.

When you’re done, zoom out full with Control+F. That’s it. Those three are the only production zoom tools I use. If you’re on a Mac, it’s Command+E

You can slide the view sideways (sooner and later) with Shift+Scroll.


There is one other note. Audacity has File > Save Project > Backup Project. That will produce a full AUP3 project that has no formal links or forced relationships to the original show. That’s recommended before you do any surgery like you did. There’s just nothing like having your machine go into the mud during an edit session and take your show with it. Also, if it’s a simple, one-timeline show, Export a WAV (Microsoft) stand-alone sound file.

Search the forum for postings like: “Audacity crashed and it’s the only copy of my interview. What do I do?”


99% of the time I use either “Ctrl + Mouse wheel” to zoom in/out, and “Ctrl + F” (Zoom to Fit).

Thanks all for your replies. I also forgot to mention the version of Audacity I use is 2.3.3 (because I’m not sure if new version will work on my win7).
I’m noob of using such a program (even don’t know how to undo the selection). I tried to zoom in but it does not help me much because the audio is music file and I can’t clearly see words even when zoomed.