How to repair AUP file

Hello, I needed to change name of .AUP file audacity 1.3.12, I change name of AUP file, next I changed name of directory, I opened AUP in Notepad and changed “projectname” the same as directory for this project, too, it isn’t working well in audacity 1.3 and I change all names just as they were before. Now it isn’t work in audacity 1.3 and 2.0 too. What I can do?

You should stop using Audacity 1.3 because it is obsolete. The current version of Audacity is 2.0.3 and is available here:

Manually changing the name of an Audacity project is not recommended because it is easy to make a mistake and destroy your project.
The safe way to change the name of a project is to open it in Audacity and then use “File menu > Save Project As” and give the new project the new name.

I presume that you have a backup of the project that you have been hacking, so I’d recommend that you give up trying to rescue the project that you have broken, open the backup copy in Audacity and use “Save Project As” to create a new project with the correct name.